Simple Answers To Frequently Asked Questions! If You Don’t See Your Question Below Feel Free To Reach Out To Us.
What happens if there is bad weather?
Please plan ahead for your move! That means looking at forecasts for the day of your move. Keep in mind the weather can change drastically in Colorado and without warning. We will do everything in our power to finish to completion. If working conditions are unsafe for the movers, we may ask to reschedule to the next day.
What if I need to reschedule or cancel my move?
We are more than happy to reschedule your move and/or cancel your move if needed. We understand that things happen out of our control. If the reschedule or cancellation is before seven days of your scheduled move, we will return your deposit. If it is within the seven days, we reserve the right to keep the deposit.
Are you licensed and insured?
We are fully licensed and insured. By Federal Law, we are required to offer a minimum protection of coverage. We also have a full coverage plan that you can ask our estimators for. Please call our office number (970) 616-4481. For standard household moves within the state of Colorado, we recommend the released value option plan which is free of charge included with your move. For long distance moves or moves traveling a distance of two hours or more, we recommend a full coverage plan due to the dangers that come with long distance moves.
How do I file a claim if my furniture is damaged?
For any damages or claims you may have, please take a picture of the damaged article or piece and send it to
legacymovingdenver@gmail.com. Please also include the weight of the item or we will not be able to process your claim.
Can you stop at multiple destinations?
Yes, we can stop at multiple destinations. However, if there are more destinations that are not included on the quote, we do reserve the right to only move what we are contracted for. This is because we may have other customers to attend to. We can make the extra stop but be aware we charge on an hourly basis and it will add to your quote. We will need to do a revision of estimate if more destinations are added to the move. If the customer declines to do a revision of estimate, the move will remain to be charged by the hour.
Do you offer packing services?
We do offer packing services. Usually it is best to pack before we move things onto the trucks because it can always take longer than expected. We have trained and professional packers that can ensure your things will get to their destination intact and safe. We use moving blankets, bubble wrap, and wrapping paper. If you decide to pack yourself, we recommend books and fragile items in small boxes.
Do you always bring a moving truck to the job?
We have moving trucks ranging from 17 feet to 26 foot box trucks. If you do not require a truck, we have labor only services to help you with loading or unloading only jobs! We also offer internal moving services!
How do we charge?
We charge by the hour from the time we arrive to the time that the last item is off the truck! No travel time fees unless travel time exceeds an hour one way. Depending on what service we offer, there may be a truck fee, fuel fee or travel fee. We do have a two hour minimum for any job. Most 1 bedroom moves require three hours due to loading/unloading, travel, access, elevators, long hallways, etc.
Do you offer storage options?
We understand that things fall through at the final destination. If for some reason the movers cannot unload your belongings at the final destination, we can store them overnight at an additional cost. However, if we need the truck, we will ask you to find a storage facility or somewhere else that we can drop off your items. If no drop off can be organized, we will have to charge for a rental truck and the storage for the next day.
Are there any hidden fees?
We stay 100% transparent, which means no hidden fees. We are a company made by movers from previous companies, so we have seen the price gouging and the lies that are fed to customers within the industry and strive to stay above these business practices.

Moving Day Reminders!

To ensure that our movers can get started as soon as they arrive, please consider the following:


Make sure all drawers of dressers are emptied before the movers arrive.


Remove light bulbs and shades from lamps. These are fragile items that are more likely to be damaged in the back of the truck. We recommend you move these in your personal vehicles.


Double check all boxes are closed and taped.


We cannot move liquids, detergents, or chemicals so please put kitchen and bathroom chemicals in one box and move them in your personal vehicle. We do this because liquids can leak, ruin furniture, cause damage to the truck and/or other items.


Please move guns and/or ammunition in your personal vehicles. We do not carry a special license to move guns or ammunition.


All glass items should be wrapped and securely packed into boxes. If we are moving boxes with glass, please label the boxes,Fragile or Glass. We are more than happy to wrap large glass items such as glass tabletops, mirrors, etc.


If additional items are asked to be loaded on to the truck that were not listed on the inventory list, the move will likely go longer than the estimate and cost more. To ensure that the move falls within the estimated time, we recommend disassembling beds and tables/desks prior to the movers arriving.

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