Legacy Moving LLC Terms and Conditions

Our movers will move all furniture and personal items specified in the move description, provided they are packed to a reasonable manner. This means that small items should be packed in boxes or containers (not to exceed a weight of more than 80 pounds). Garbage bags are only acceptable for non sharp items such as pillows, clothing, and blankets. Reusable grocery bags should not be used as moving containers. Lamps must have the bulbs and shades removed, they must be wrapped or placed in your car. Any furniture with drawers should be emptied, as they may be turned over when loading. We will not be moving furniture with full drawers. Barbecue grills should have a clean exterior and the propane tank needs to be removed.
If you don’t order mattress bags or carpet protection, our movers will do their best to keep both clean. However, Legacy Moving LLC will not be responsible for any costs associated with cleaning (or replacing) the mattress or carpet. We will request a signed Release of Liability form for mattresses that are not protected by a cover
Quotes:Any quote or estimate that Legacy Moving LLC gives to the customer is an educated guess and should not be looked at as the final total of the bill. We will give the most accurate and detailed quote possible with the information the customer provides. However, through the nature of moving, more items and extra tasks often take place as part of the move. Therefore, always budget for more time due to the fact things do not go as planned and many factors weigh into how long a move can take.
Speciality Items:There is a speciality item fee for anything over 200 pounds or high value items. Examples of these items are: upright pianos, marble or marble table tops, gun safes or safes, antique furniture items (up to lead mover’s discretion), one piece armoires, refrigerators, washer, dryer, and treadmills.
We charge $1 per inch for televisions, $5 per roll of tape and $20 per roll of shrink wrap used. One roll of tape and one roll of shrink wrap are included in the total bill.
Estimates: Please be as specific as possible when providing the list of furniture and household goods. This will result in an estimate that will be most accurate.Please consider these situations that are out of our control and may change the estimated time. Examples are but are not limited to: – Elevators and door codes
– Long hallways
– Items not listed in the descriptions given to us
– Items not boxed properly
– Weather/traffic
– No itemized list
– Customers not prepared to move
– Complicated access to loading or unloading the moving truck
– Unsanitary conditions
DENIAL OF MOVING SERVICES:We reserve the right to refuse moving or packing services after a quote is given if the circumstances are unsafe to our movers.
These circumstances include:
– Bio-hazards (Pet urine/ feces included)
-Hostile attitudes/behavior towards our movers
-Items not in original quote
-Locations not in original quote
-Not being able to settle the bill
-Any circumstance that might make conditions unsafe for our movers.
We prioritize our employees safety and the safety of our customers
Hourly Rate: Time starts as soon as the movers arrive to your location and ends once the last item is off the truck and the lead mover collects payment. Long hallways with elevators, multiple flights of stairs, difficult assembly of furniture will slow down a move and these factors should be communicated to us. Customers are not allowed to be on the trucks or use our equipment. Customer assistance with the physical part of the move is limited to carrying individual items to the truck and placing them outside the truck. If our truck needs to park at a meter, or receives a parking ticket due to a mandatory loading location, the cost of the meter or ticket will be added to your move bill.
Time: As mentioned above, time starts as soon as the movers arrive and ends once the last item is off the truck. Therefore, if the movers arrive at a location with the truck and the customer or customer representative is not present or prepared for the movers to begin the job, Legacy
Moving LLC is still liable to charge the customer for the time spent waiting. This includes: Customer or customer representative not present to unlock a unit/home, answer a call to help the movers find the location, or not present for a walk-through with the movers at a location.
Special Requests: Our movers will accommodate special requests within reason but will still charge the hourly rate of moving. These requests include: Staging furniture for pictures, loading the truck a certain way per customer request, internally moving furniture not in the quote, or anything not pertaining to loading and unloading of items onto or off the moving truck.
Our professional movers will shrink wrap furniture that is necessary to prevent damage. Other furniture can be shrink-wrapped upon request. Once wrapped and loaded onto our truck, we will place moving pads around the furniture. After loading the truck, we will do a final walk through to make sure we have all your belongings emptied out of your home. You are required to be physically present during the entire move and participate in the walk through. If you can’t be present, Legacy Moving LLC will not be responsible for any items that are overlooked and not moved as a result, or property that is left unattended.
Assembly:When we show up to your location, our professional movers will have tools for disassembling beds, table tops, dresser mirrors, shelves, etc. and we’ll put them back together once they’re in your new home. Furniture assembly and disassembly is for standard household furniture only and does not include pieces mounted to the wall or any plumbing or electrical installation. We need a waiver signed by you, releasing us of liability, so that we can disconnect the hoses for the washer, dryer an  refrigerators, and we will not reconnect them. We will not be held liable for any internal damage to any electrical or electronic equipment. Although we are happy to help disconnect your washer, we are in no circumstance responsible for any type of water leak or water damage. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the hoses, wires, fuses, etc. are properly attached before the move is complete. Legacy Moving LLC is not responsible for any of the components within the washer that may be damaged during the transportation or delivery. 
  • We do not disassemble or reassemble baby furniture.
• We will move your IKEA furniture per our moving procedures (disassembly & reassembly). However, due to the integrity and manufacturing of IKEA furniture, Legacy Moving LLC is not liable for any damages, threaded screws, or improper reassembly. IKEA is manufactured to be assembled once when brand new (as listed in IKEA’S terms), for this reason we assume no liability for IKEA furniture.
• We will put furniture and boxes in your new home into the desired room and on the desired wall of your choosing. This does take planning on your part, and we will not move furniture 2 or 3 times due to a lack of planning. Therefore, please have in mind a designated room and wall for furniture and boxes to be stacked.
Release of Liability:This is a form that releases Legacy Moving LLC from responsibility of damage to an item or property. When the customer signs this paper, they are accepting responsibility for any damage occurring. This form is only requested to be signed when the lead has identified an item to be unsafe to move due to a likely chance of damage to the property or item. It is the lead’s responsibility to have the customer sign a release of liability form, otherwise, we will not attempt to move the item.
• If your furniture does not fit in your home, or in a specific room in your home or if there is a high risk of damage, we will let you know. At this point, you will need to make a decision, either find an alternate storage plan for the furniture, or allow us to attempt the move, however releasing Legacy Moving LLC from all liability for any damage incurred as a result of the move.
Items We Do Not Move: Hazardous materials, propane, liquids, chemicals, detergents, live plants with dirt and water (unless packed in a base box with plastic cover), landscaping material, construction, material, concrete, baby grand pianos, grand pianos, spas, gun safes over 1000 pounds, or small or large animals.
Final Payment: Final payment is due at the end of the move, and our driver will collect at that time. We accept cash as a preferred method of payment, visa, master card, amex or discover. No personal checks. There is a 3.5% credit card fee added to the total bill.
● If there is a claim, we still require full payment for moving services/packing services. If a claim is disputed by either party, it must be agreed by a third party arbitration and not through a court of law.
● Cancelation Policy: If for any reason the move needs to be canceled or rescheduled, the deposit is kept as insurance if the move is not canceled within 7 days of the scheduled day. It is up to the discretion of Legacy Moving LLC to reimburse the deposit for extenuating circumstances outside the customers control.
● Claims: For any damages or claims you may have, please take a picture of the damaged article or piece and send it to legacymovingdenver@gmail.com. Please also include the weight of the item or we will not be able to process your claim. Even if there is damage to an item, we must collect payment at the end of the move. Claims must be filed within 96 hours of the completion of the job.
● Insurance: If the insurance form is not signed, we reserve the right to default to the Federal requirement of $0.60 per pound of damaged articles or items. If the claim is not filed within the 96 hours, we reserve the right to not honor the claim.
● Tips are always greatly appreciated and preferred in cash. It is customary in the moving industry, however it is not mandatory. If the customer decides that the movers have earned a tip, they can either give the full amount to the lead which will then be dispersed equally among the movers or they can give the tip to each mover individually.
I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions provided by Legacy Moving LLC